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Ken Griffin provides $10 million investment in Chicago safety

Improving safety and reducing gun violence requires all of us to pitch in. Today's announcement from Mayor Emanuel and Ken Griffin is another reflection of Chicago's generous spirit and sense of shared responsibility to help our city meet our challenges. This money will support key elements of a larger aligned funding strategy to make our city safer, including policing reforms, common-sense gun safety laws, expanded social services for young people at risk, and increased job opportunities in neighborhoods most affected by violence. 

We hope this extra investment in police training and reform will help build continued trust with the community and support the important work happening at the community level to reclaim neighborhoods, parks and streets, collaborate with police, and empower families. We look forward to a safer, more peaceful Chicago in the months ahead. 

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Everyone who cares deeply about Chicago’s future can play a role.

If you are an employer, you can hire young people at risk. If you are a community leader, you can help improve police-community relations. If you are a health care provider, you can support trauma-informed care to gun violence victims. If you are a funder, you can support any one of these efforts. Whatever you do, your voice matters when you speak up in support of policies that can make our neighborhoods safer. Reach out to learn more.

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