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Real Talk, Real People Hosts SPC Grantees

WVON's Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy hosted Safe and Peaceful grantees who introduced listeners to their work; among those featured:

Maynard Welch, on behalf the Museum Shores Yacht Club; the organization partnered with grantee AMP Community Arts Program to establish "Project Helm," which taught young children the basics of boating (sailing and power), emphasizing healthy and respectful peer interactions in the process.

David Rojas, co-founder of The Alliance 98 (TA98) —its "Suited for a Cause" initiative aims to fit young people with suits and provide them with the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs, and the organization has expanded the program with its Safe & Peaceful grant, providing a more "culturally relevant" framework, he said.

The Original 64th Street Drummers, a prominent fixture in the South Chicago community; before giving an in-studio performance, the members explained how its drum circle has long been instrumental in building a sense of community and providing a positive outlet for many young people, such as its affiliation with The Chicago Bucket Boys.

Chat Daddy - July 23, 2018

The grantees were joined by Deborah E. Bennett, senior program officer, Polk Bros Foundation, one of the 30-plus funders and foundations who form The Partnership for Safe & Peaceful Chicago coalition.

This year, The Partnership awarded 132 grants.

This is a story about the Community Safety and Peace strategy of the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities. 

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Everyone who cares deeply about Chicago’s future can play a role.

If you are an employer, you can hire young people at risk. If you are a community leader, you can help improve police-community relations. If you are a health care provider, you can support trauma-informed care to gun violence victims. If you are a funder, you can support any one of these efforts. Whatever you do, your voice matters when you speak up in support of policies that can make our neighborhoods safer. Reach out to learn more.

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