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About Us

PSPC’s vision is in its name — Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities.

Joining Forces to End Gun Violence in Chicago

The philanthropic community is funding a comprehensive portfolio of strategies aimed at reducing gun violence in Chicago.

The Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities (PSPC) is a unique coalition of more than 40 foundations and funders, working together to identify and support sustainable, community-designed, evidence-based solutions that the public sector can use as a blueprint in the years ahead to battle the public health challenge that is gun violence.

Since its founding in 2016, PSPC has committed nearly $75 million to anti-violence efforts in Chicago, and is continuing to help advance programs that show great promise.

Treating the Whole Person, the Whole Community

With support from PSPC, community groups in Chicago’s hardest-hit neighborhoods have room to try innovative interventions, reducing violence amongst those most at risk of shooting or being shot. For the first time, community organizations on the South and West Sides are sharing best practices, data, resources and training to stem violence and its traumatic effects. This new collaboration among organizations — and in coordination with law enforcement — multiplies the effectiveness of their efforts.

Community groups walk the streets to de-escalate tensions between likely victims and likely shooters. They direct residents to mental health services, housing assistance, legal aid, post-incarceration help and GED and job-training programs. They know that the solutions to violence involve treating the whole person and the whole community.

A New Day — A New Way

Through PSPC, community groups in 21 Chicago neighborhoods concentrated on the South and West Sides are working together with foundations to stop the shootings. It will take years to end violence, just as it took years of erosion in our neighborhoods to create the conditions that contribute to violence. But a new day — a new way — is here. We are joining forces to reduce violence in Chicago.