Predicting Murders: CBS’s 60 Minutes

The Chicago Police Department is using an experimental computer program to predict murders — and prevent them.

Calling the results “uncanny,” the department said the predictive policing computer program spits out the names of those most likely to shoot or be shot. With those names in hand, police are actively intervening and saving lives, according to CBS‘s 60 Minutes.

“The goal of this operation is keep people alive. That’s number one. Number two, keep them out of prison or jail,” said Executive Director of Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy Chris Mallette.

While the program has drawn mixed reactions in the community, Ernest Smith, whose past put him atop the program’s Strategic Subject List, is being held as a prime example of what can be accomplished using it.

“I got enemies, you know what I’m saying. They don’t like me, you know. I mean it’s all a part of growing up in Chicago,” said Smith, of the West Side.

Learn more about the program by watching the 60 Minutes segment.