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Safe and Peaceful grantee The Terrell Bosley Anti-Violence Association hosts this annual basketball tournament for boys and girls of all ages who reside in underserved communities that are plagued by gun violence. They believe that the model of a basketball game teaches the importance of teamwork and allows participants to release stress through athletics. The organization says its

With its summer art fair, Safe and Peaceful grantee Redevelopment Management Resources used art to both capture and create peace. "I want to change people's viewpoints of Austin, and explore the creativity of the people who live here," said organizer Serethea Matthews.

WVON's Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy hosted Safe and Peaceful grantees who introduced listeners to their work; among those featured: Maynard Welch, on behalf the Museum Shores Yacht Club; the organization partnered with grantee AMP Community Arts Program to establish "Project Helm," which taught young children the basics of boating (sailing and power), emphasizing healthy

2018 Safe & Peaceful grantee holds a summit dedicated to truth & forgiveness Bringing together a diverse audience of people who have been touched by violence as a victim, committer or observer, the Truth & Reconciliation Summit was a moving, daylong event that highlighted the power of acknowledging harm as the first step toward recovering from its

Thomas Hurley, Assistant Superintendent of Operations for the Department of Juvenile Justice, expounds on the necessity of engaging youth offenders, and former youth offenders, in the development of safer, peaceful communities Every youth has a parent, two parents (whether they be engaged with them or not) — they're somebody's son, somebody's daughter, and we need to treat

This year, the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities (PSPC) awarded 132 grants, totaling $850,000, to fund activities throughout the summer and fall in 19 prioritized communities. These neighborhood organizations are working to reduce gun violence, helping to reclaim parks, streets, and public areas, and building community cohesion, and we celebrate them!

​Boxville is an initiative of Urban Juncture; it sits at the foot of the 51st Street Green Line stop, a station that's part of the Elevated Chicago Green Line South stretch. With its Safe & Peaceful Chicago grant, Urban Juncture is expanding Boxville, creating a community gathering "box" (i.e. reconstituted train cars) among the other retail-rooted

David Rojas, a co-founder of The Alliance 98 (TA98), was recently featured on an episode of ChiPedia, a WGN Radio podcast hosted by Marsha Lyles. TA98 is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that works to reduce unemployment among young adults through training and job readiness initiatives. Rojas talked about how the grant awarded to TA98 will benefit Suited

The Metropolitan Peace Academy, the first of its kind in Chicago, is a multidisciplinary training platform designed to professionalize street outreach. Participants complete a rigorous 144-hour, 18-week curriculum focused on street outreach, nonviolence, trauma-informed services and restorative justice. The Peace Academy's inaugural class graduated in June 2018. The Peace Academy is part of Communities Partnering 4 Peace

A decades-old Chicago institution, Safe and Peaceful grantee The Original 64th Street Drummers brought drum circles to neighborhoods across the city as a means to promote peace. This summer, the collective performed a weekly concert in a vacant lot in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. "Drumming brings command, and it also brings calm. You can use any open