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“These gains are the result of a data-informed, collaborative strategy with Chicago’s police officers, community-based organizations and street outreach groups who have dedicated their lives to keeping this city and its residents safe,” write Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Interim Police Supt. Charlie Beck and First Deputy Supt. Anthony J. Riccio in their joint op-ed. Read more: Chicago Sun-Times

Experts are increasingly fond of saying that gun violence should be treated like a public health problem, like a contagious disease that will infect ever more people unless preventive measures are taken. But what exactly does it mean to take a public health approach to gun violence? CureViolence tries to change how Philadelphians view violence prevention. Philadelphia

NEWS RELEASE AS SUMMER HEATS UP, CHICAGOANS STEP UP TO COMBAT VIOLENCE $1.1 Million in Grants Support 181 On-the-Ground Initiatives CHICAGO – The flare-up of violence over Memorial Day weekend is an agonizing reminder that comprehensive short- and long-term strategies are needed to support Chicagoans who work to make our neighborhoods safer. For the fourth consecutive year, the Chicago Fund for Safe